5 Reasons Why We Love Our DockATot

If you’re a mom or a soon to be mom you have heard about DockATot.  Everyone raves about DockATot, saying it is this magical invention that helps their baby sleep better, it is sent from heaven, it is the best thing since sliced bread.  Well everyone is right-  DockATot is incredible.  We absolutely love ours and I can honestly say it is a MUST have for any registry.  You will want to register for both sizes too- the deluxe and the grand.  I will tell you the FIVE reasons we love ours and why you will too…

  1. Portable–  You are heading out of town? Take it with you. Going to your mother-in-laws? Take it with you.  The DockATot can go anywhere. One of my favorite things is that you can go other places and your baby will still feel safe and comfortable in their own bed.
  2. Co-Sleeping- Before we had a baby we were the parents who didn’t want our baby sleeping IN BED with us. hahahaha! Once we actually had a baby we were the parents who had their baby sleep in bed with us. The DockATot put my mind at ease for co-sleeping.  I knew she was safe in the DockATot in bed with us. *
  3. Multiple uses- The DockATot has so many uses.  Sleeping, play, lounging, and more. Millie loves to sleep in it and use it to lounge in the family room too!
  4. Washable– Lets face it- blow outs happen- and usually at 2am when you are half asleep.  Wheeeeee! Having a baby is so fun.  But seriously, you can take the cover off and throw it in the wash.  This is a must for babies.
  5. Different Covers– I love that there are so many different cover choices.  We have the banana leaf print and the rose print.  Having an extra cover is great for when one is needing to be washed (see 4 for why you’ll want an extra cover)!

*Bonus** It Is Adorable–  The DockATot is adorable.  With the different cover choices you can have it coordinate with any room you need.  Honestly- Millie looks so adorable while in it, like a little munchkin sent from heaven!

The DockATot has been a lifesaver for us.  Millie had tummy issues, re-flux, and was not a very good sleeper- until the DockATot.  The first night she we had it changed our whole sleeping situation.  I felt comfortable knowing she was getting good rest and was able to still be close to me.

A couple of my close mom friends say:

Sara (sara.intheflowers) : ‘Finley has never slept better! The DockATot is the best thing that has happened to out family!’

   Samantha (samantha.bowmann) : ‘With our DockATot, Reagan has been sleeping                                                  through the night almost every night. We have taken it with us                                                  when we sleep away from home and it’s a godsend!’

  Marianna (Hendricks.tribe): “Dottie loves her Dockatot! It’s perfect for sleep, travel, &                                            play!’

Thank you so much to DockATot for the wonderful Grand.  We absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier!

**I received the DockATot Grand for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.**

*(Co-sleeping is not for everyone- please research, talk to your pediatrician, and decide what is best for your family)

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We Love Our DockATot

  1. Maddie says:

    That sure looks comfy for Millie! She is all smiles! I heard great things about this brand, definitely will look into purchasing one of my own when baby #2 comes!

  2. Livin' Lovin' Mommin' says:

    She looks so dang cute in every picture. I wish I had a doc a toc when my little one was a baby but I am definitely getting one for our next baby, they are amazing!!! I love how many pros there are to them and all those covers are just so cute!

  3. Aysia says:

    This is great! We had the dock-a-tot when our little dude was a newborn and he’s almost too big for it now! Did you know it makes the perfect place for outdoor shots too ?! 😍

  4. Vanessa says:

    I seriously wish I knew about this when my kid was a little younger! She looks so comfy in it! I’ll look into it if I were to have another lol

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