Handmade Cards

With teacher appreciation week, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and Father’s Day coming up it seems like we are in need of a card every other week! I decided we should make our own cards to give! It is a super simple craft and makes a real personal touch when sending someone a card!

All you need is paint, paintbrush (or hands), paper, and card stock. Painting Hack: I always lay down a Dollar Store table cloth so the mess is easy to clean up! I used colored construction paper to paint on. I put a few dots of different color paint on the paper then let Millie brush away. We made one with pinks and purples and one with greens a blues. You can do any colors you want! It is endless.

Once the paint dries all we did was cut out designs. I did hearts for Teacher Appreciation and Mother’s Day, and stars for our Uncle and for Father’s Day! Cut out whatever shape, Letter, or design you want and glue it onto the card stock that is folded in half like a card. I did all of ours where it opens like a book, but you could do it opening bottom to top too!

We made hearts!
You can do anything you want!

After the glue dried we wrote our notes on the inside. Simple as that. Millie had a blast making it and I know her teachers and our family will love the personal touch of her art work!

Perfect for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation, Father’s Day, birthdays, and more

5 Reasons Why We Love Our DockATot

If you’re a mom or a soon to be mom you have heard about DockATot.  Everyone raves about DockATot, saying it is this magical invention that helps their baby sleep better, it is sent from heaven, it is the best thing since sliced bread.  Well everyone is right-  DockATot is incredible.  We absolutely love ours and I can honestly say it is a MUST have for any registry.  You will want to register for both sizes too- the deluxe and the grand.  I will tell you the FIVE reasons we love ours and why you will too…

  1. Portable–  You are heading out of town? Take it with you. Going to your mother-in-laws? Take it with you.  The DockATot can go anywhere. One of my favorite things is that you can go other places and your baby will still feel safe and comfortable in their own bed.
  2. Co-Sleeping- Before we had a baby we were the parents who didn’t want our baby sleeping IN BED with us. hahahaha! Once we actually had a baby we were the parents who had their baby sleep in bed with us. The DockATot put my mind at ease for co-sleeping.  I knew she was safe in the DockATot in bed with us. *
  3. Multiple uses- The DockATot has so many uses.  Sleeping, play, lounging, and more. Millie loves to sleep in it and use it to lounge in the family room too!
  4. Washable– Lets face it- blow outs happen- and usually at 2am when you are half asleep.  Wheeeeee! Having a baby is so fun.  But seriously, you can take the cover off and throw it in the wash.  This is a must for babies.
  5. Different Covers– I love that there are so many different cover choices.  We have the banana leaf print and the rose print.  Having an extra cover is great for when one is needing to be washed (see 4 for why you’ll want an extra cover)!

*Bonus** It Is Adorable–  The DockATot is adorable.  With the different cover choices you can have it coordinate with any room you need.  Honestly- Millie looks so adorable while in it, like a little munchkin sent from heaven!

The DockATot has been a lifesaver for us.  Millie had tummy issues, re-flux, and was not a very good sleeper- until the DockATot.  The first night she we had it changed our whole sleeping situation.  I felt comfortable knowing she was getting good rest and was able to still be close to me.

A couple of my close mom friends say:

Sara (sara.intheflowers) : ‘Finley has never slept better! The DockATot is the best thing that has happened to out family!’

   Samantha (samantha.bowmann) : ‘With our DockATot, Reagan has been sleeping                                                  through the night almost every night. We have taken it with us                                                  when we sleep away from home and it’s a godsend!’

  Marianna (Hendricks.tribe): “Dottie loves her Dockatot! It’s perfect for sleep, travel, &                                            play!’

Thank you so much to DockATot for the wonderful Grand.  We absolutely love it and couldn’t be happier!

**I received the DockATot Grand for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.**

*(Co-sleeping is not for everyone- please research, talk to your pediatrician, and decide what is best for your family)

Keeping Millie Corralled

Who knew one tiny human would need so much stuff?!  After weeks (more like months) of my husband pointing out that Millie’s toys were in every. single. room. of. the. house. I figured it was time to convert our office (more like throw all room) into a playroom for our little munchkin.  It has made the house a lot more tidy and Millie seems to like having a room for all her fun things.  The ONLY problem: she is on the move.  Like you look to your left for .04 seconds and she is in the kitchen pushing the kitchen table chairs around.  Who knew they were so quick?! I knew we needed a baby gate to keep her in!


The wonderful crew at North States Industries Baby Gates graciously sent us the Arched Auto Close Gate with Easy Step.  I love how the grey color and the 18 in door opening incorporates style and function all in one. There are a few reasons we absolutely LOVE about it:

  1. The threshold is low- this makes walking (or crawling) out of the room much easier for all of us
  2. How the gate shuts- with one simple push the gate shuts firmly and securely so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children
  3. How the door works– The door swings both directions making it convenient for getting in and out.  It also has a stopper so the doors can also only swing in one direction if you want
  4. You can lock it- or keep it open- It has a triple locking system so you can have peace of mind OR you can use the hold-open feature so you can pass through easily if you don’t need the gate closed
  5. How easy it was to set up- The pressure mounts were easy to adjust by using the tension knobs to secure the gate in our door way- I set it up by myself (yay me!)
  6. You can put it other places- There was hardware for mounting on the top of stairs too- measuring 28.5 – 38.25 inches wide with two extensions. If you need the gate for a larger opening you can purchase their extensions measuring 7 1/4 in and 10 3/4 in wide.  (The gate measures 30 inches high)

We are thrilled with the style and ease of the Arched Auto-Close Gate with Easy Step. It is easy to use and I know she is safe and secure behind the gate.

You can purchase their gates directly off their website. Make sure you use millieandmommie20 to receive 20% off any purchase on northstaesind.com


Look how much she loves it!

**I received the baby gate from North States Industries for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.**

Our favorite baby gate