Family Crafts with Brawny Tear-A-Sqaure

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This past weekend I decided I wanted to do a fun art project with all the kids.  I was racking my brain to think of something they could ALL do. Trying to decide on an art piece all the kids could contribute to was a bit challenging.  They each are into different things and obviously have different levels of art skills being from ages 2-12! We decided to make an abstract painting using all the kids handprints!  They were super excited to do this with each other.  

The concept was super simple: paint your hand, put a hand print on the canvas! 

They had fun deciding what colors to use, what direction to put each hand print, what part of the canvas needed more hand prints and in certain colors. They all worked together and had a fantastic time. Things even got a bit messy as you can imagine. Two brothers 12 & 14 decided to put hand prints other places than the canvas! Ha!

Brawny was a huge help in this project! I used their new Tear-A-Square paper towels!  They give you the strength of Brawny with the flexibility to use only what you need. For setting up the project I laid out full size sheets to help cover the table.  When we needed to clean up a paint spill I used a quarter size sheet. Honestly- why didn’t they think of the quarter size sheet sooner? It is amazing. When the kids needed to dry their hands or help clean up we used half sheets or full sheets depending on the size of the mess!  We were able to use the size of the sheet we needed so we had less waste in the end.  

In the end we have an amazing art piece that captures their personalities and freezes their hands in time.  It is something we will always look back on and see how big and small they were at that time.  


What you will need:

Different paint colors- we chose 5

Paint brushes

Paint dishes

Large Canvas

Brawny Tear-A-Square

Hands (or feet)

Lay out Brawny Tear-A-Square under your canvas.  Choose a color to paint on your hand (or your foot!).  Put hand prints towards the outside first, then work your way in.  Stop half way through a look where needs more handprints and in what colors.  Once you decide that you are done let dry 4-5 hours. Use Brawny Tear-A-Square in the sizes you need to help make clean up easy and have less waste!  Finally, pick a spot to hang your masterpiece! 

Fun family art project
Simple Family art project