The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List for 2021

Christmas Season is HERE! What are some things that your family always loves to do during the holidays? Our favorite is driving to see Christmas Lights. There are some pretty spectacular homes in Dallas that have the best lights! We also LOVE to make Christmas Cookies.

I have a few print outs of some fun Christmas Bucket List items and some fun Winter Bucket List items to do! Make sure you PIN them to find them later!!

Christmas Bucket List
Winter Bucket List
25 Days of Christmas List

Make sure to tell me in the comments what Holiday Tradition you look forward to most! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!! xoxo

The Chosen Season 2-

Everyday is a gift from God.  

Growing up we always went to church so youth groups and church were a big part of our daily life.  We said grace and prayer over family and friends.  When we were choosing preschools for our kids it was important to me that they went to a church school.  

Last year, Millie went to a very cute little school and had chapel two times a week.  One thing I loved was the one day parents were invited to come to chapel too.  It was such a special time to spend with my daughter at her school with her friends and their parents, hearing bible stories they were learning that week and the songs they were singing.  It was the best. 

Having my children exposed to Jesus and The Lord is important to me.  Being able to share that with her is a great experience. Even though she is very young, I hope she retains some of those memories.  As my kids get older and we have to decide where to send them to elementary school,sending them to a religious school is a priority.

How To Bring More Jesus Into Your Home

Today there are literally so many shows to watch and choose from.  You can watch anything, anytime, anywhere.  I mean binging shows is what we all do now, right?! 

Are there times where you wonder why you are watching what you are watching?  Or are you wanting to watch something worthwhile and that will move you?  

The Chosen is that show.  It is an amazing show about the life of our savior Jesus Christ.  The Chosen tells the story of Jesus and his disciples- in an incredible way.  

The show is moving, gripping, and life-changing.  I am watching this show to learn even more, see the story in a different way, and watch a show worth my time and energy.  

According to The Chosen:

‘The Chosen is the first multi-season television series about the life of Christ, as witnessed through the eyes of those He impacted. Directed by Dallas Jenkins (The Resurrection of Gavin Stone) and distributed by Angel Studios, The Chosen has grown to become the largest crowdfunded TV series of all time.’

The first episode is captivating.  It gets your attention from the start.  The show is done so well including the costumes, cinematography, characters, acting, and storyline.  

Who Should Watch The Chosen?

I really think anyone would enjoy this show, not just Christians.  The stories they tell draw you in and there is action and suspense too. 

The life and times 2,000 years ago were hard, dirty, rough, and unjust for most people.  This show shows you all of that and more.  It depicts what really happened and how life really was for Jesus and his disciples.  

The first season tells about the early life of Jesus Christ.  It tells his early stories as a wanderer,meeting his disciples, and performing miracles.  It all tells  the story of Mary Magdalene.  The episodes depict  different people in the bible and how their lives merge into what we all know from the Bible.  

It is not just a show for people who go to church, it is a show for everyone.  Season One has 8 episodes ready for you to binge-watch now. Each episode is around an hour and worth every minute.   AND it is easy to watch!  

How To Watch The Chosen

I watched it on my computer on the Angel Studios website.  But you can watch it on your phone or tablet by downloading The Chosen App.  It is super simple, you just go to the App store on your particular device, download it, then start watching.  You can take it anywhere, how cool is that?! You don’t have to subscribe to anything to be able to watch the show on the app.

The show is completely free to watch!

Another amazing fact about this show is it is completely funded by the viewers – yes, the viewers. People love this show and believe in its message so much that they want to see more and more.  

The Chosen plans to cover the life of Jesus Christ over  seven seasons.  Right now, they are releasing Season TWO!  It is very exciting. The first episode aired on Easter Sunday, and they have recently released the second and third episodes.  They are coming out as quickly as possible, and you are able to watch it immediately on The Chose App or online.  There will be eight episodes in Season Two, as there were in Season One. 

Overall, The Chosen is a great show to watch.  Season One is available now and Season Two is being released one episode at a time over the next weeks, episode by episode.  All you have to do is download The Chosen app on any or all of your devices to watch.  It is simple and worth it.  

I hope you will watch and enjoy as much as I am. 

The Best Advent Calendar 2020

Christmas is almost here! Kinda. With the way this year is going I am not sure if the next few weeks will feel like an eternity or be like October which went by in the blink of an eye! I mean it went so quick. I am usually a person who waits until after Thanksgiving to do Christmas, but this year we need some more cheer! So I decided to start earlier than usual. No one in the house is complaining! I can tell you that! Millie is already asking about Santa and when he coming and what he is bringing!!

This year since she is old enough to really understand I decided to make an Advent Calendar. I wanted to make it simple but cute. Since there is so much ‘stuff’ given around the holidays I decided to do most of the days an activity not a gift. She is little so I thought that having those experiences would be more fun. I have attached the list of all the 25 days of activities below.

I went to Joanns and found a frame with a board already made. There were cute tags in all different colors- I chose pink, white and red since that will be our main color scheme for Christmas this year. I thought the tags were cute because they are gift tags- perfect for the holidays.

When I got home I had to measure all the spots to do the nails for the tags.  This was a pain.  I am not going to lie, but I do have a laser level which made things way easier for me.  I did 5 rows of 5. After I hammered all the nails in.  This was simple and went quick.  The frame originally had a different rope to hang it, but I didn’t like it and chose a gold zig zag ribbon.  I removed the original rope and used a staple gun to attach the new ribbon.  I wanted to make sure it was sturdy and would stay on.

For the tag I printed out my 25 days of activities and gifts and cut them out. I used a glue stick and only glued the top on the activity in case I want to remove it and do new ones next year. On the front of the tags I chose to write the numbers. I went back and forth with doing printed stickers or even creating with my circuit but I decided against it. I wanted the hand drawn look.

Once I was done I hung the frame up in a spot where the kids can see it and participate in it easily.  I hung each of the tags and then we were set!!  Millie was so excited. She thinks this is the best thing ever.  She cannot wait till we can use it every day!  I told her we get to do different activities and fun things during our Advent Calendar. 

A bunch of my friends made some this year too for their kids!  Make sure to click through and check them out!  They are SO fun and creative too!

Do you do Advent Calendars?  Have you ever made your own?

Easy Halloween Boo Bag Ideas (with free printable)

This Halloween things are more than likely going to be different! I have no clue how we are celebrating yet. It makes me a little sad for my kids, well, Millie at least- Clark doesn’t anything about Halloween yet! I have gotten in the Halloween spirit this year! I started early and have made a cute cake, threw a Ghouls Only Tea Party, and cute Ghost Pops!

I have seen people make Boo Bags before for their neighbors and friends and thought it was so cute and a great way to spread some holiday cheer! Since we more than likely won’t be seeing a lot of friends this Halloween I decided to make “You’ve Been Boo’d!” Bags for our friends. There were easy and fun to make. It really took no time at all. I created printables for the bags too! You are welcome to download and use for your Boo Bags!

There are SO many ways you can make these. There is no right or wrong. I have seen extravagant ones and simpler ones. It is the thought that counts! Some ideas of what to put in the bags include:

  • Candy
  • Small toys
  • Play-doh
  • Snacks (goldfish, fruit snacks, etc)
  • Crayons
  • Stickers
  • Wands
  • Drinks (alcoholic for adult bags)
  • Glow sticks
  • Homemade treats (cookies, cupcakes, etc)

You can literally do WHATEVER you want or you think your friends would like! Keep in mind peoples food allergies or restrictions when making them too!

Since our kids are small -3 and under -I made mine for littles. I included: Candy, Goldfish, vampire teeth, halloween notebook, and a sticker sheet. I got most things at the Target Dollar Spot. I used Orange Bags to put everything in and topped with white tissue paper. I made the “You’ve Been Boo’d” printables (free to print out and use!). I taped the printable on the bag and delivered to friends! Super easy and the kids have seemed to enjoy them. It is a simple gesture that can brings some Spooky Cheer to your friends and family.

Be sure to check out our other Holiday Posts!!

Spooky and Cute Halloween Cake (semi from scratch)

I love to bake and I love Halloween so baking a Halloween cake was so fun! This cake is easy to make and it is always delicious. The recipe has cake mix and pudding in it. The pudding make it super moist. I have made it for years but then had the idea to decorate it for Halloween! It usually is dusted with powdered sugar, but I wanted to do something festive. The decorating is simple too. The ‘hardest’ part it doing the eyes!

I always scroll through Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration. I have seen so fun Halloween inspo for cupcakes and cookies, but couldn’t find anything simple enough for me! So I took a bundt cake recipe I have used forever and added some fun! I have seen people melt the store bought frosting and drip it onto cakes so I decided to try that!! It worked! I bought cute sprinkles from Michael’s that I found in different colors and textures. This is what I think is key- having the different textures and sizes to the sprinkles.

  • 1 package Yellow Cake Mix
  • 1 package Chocolate Pudding Mix
  • 8 oz Sour Cream
  • 1/2 C Vegetable Oil
  • 1/2 C Water
  • 4 eggs Slightly Beaten
  • 1.5 C Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips

You mix all the ingredients together and pour into a GREASED bundt cake pan. Bake at 350* for 40-50 mins. Once baked, let it cool for 10 minutes and remove from pan and place on cooling rack for 45min or more to cool. Once the cake is cooled you can decorate!

I used store bought icing and color gel food coloring. I slowly added the food coloring until I got the lavender color I wanted. I put the icing in a microwave safe bowl and microwaved in increments of 15 secs until I got the consistency I wanted. I did not want it too thin and runny, I wanted it still a bit firm, but with enough movement to pour and make the fun drips. I poured the frosting on slowly and went around a couple of times until I achieved the look I was going for. Next I did the sugar crystal sprinkles, the pink jimmy sprinkles, then the green round one. At the end I added the eyes. I placed two eyes next to each other around the cake at different levels.

And Viola! Our not so spooky Halloween Bundt Cake! Millie was VERY impressed! She said “Wow it looks bootiful mommy!!”. It was really sweet to hear how impressed she was in her voice and intonation! Making magic in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do. I love the joy it brings me and my family.

Halloween Cake