Frisco Staycation

The past weekend the wonderful people at AC Hotels Frisco and Visit Frisco had us for a staycation. The original plan was Trevor and I were going to have a night away before this baby comes! We were going to have a nice evening- just the two of us- enjoying what Frisco has to offer. Plans changed and Millie came along too. As a very pregnant mom of a two year old I can say I wasn’t overly thrilled, but I was excited at the fact I didn’t have to leave her for 18 hrs.

We drove up to Frisco from Dallas- this is like a 35+ min drive. In the DFW area I think you kind of stay in your bubble. We live in Dallas, so we don’t travel out of our Dallas bubble often. I was thrilled when Visit Frisco and AC Hotel Frisco offered us the opportunity to do a staycation and see what Frisco has to offer!

We checked into the new AC Hotel Frisco- wow- it is new, modern, clean, and sleek. We were super impressed. As a family who likes to travel- we stay in a lot of hotels and we know what we like. We liked this hotel. Millie ran into the room and immediately took her shoes off and got comfortable. After getting settled we headed down to their lounge for a cocktail (water for me) and some tapas. The food, drinks, and service did not disappoint. The lounge is swanky and felt comfortable. After we were done we headed over to the Star Frisco.

If you don’t know what The Star is- it is the Dallas Cowboys practice center. It has bars, restaurants, shops, and office spaces. They call it Jerry World here. (Jerry Jones is the owner of the Cowboys- hence Jerry World) It was decorated for the holidays we bright blue lights on the trees (Dallas Cowboys colors). We headed to Tupelo Honey for dinner.

Tupelo Honey is a southern restaurant. It’s famous for their chicken and we can see why. I got the fried chicken biscuit and my husband got their Chimichurri chicken. We both loved our meals. Millie got mac-n-cheese and roasted carrots which she seemed to love too!

After dinner we headed back to the hotel because it was WAY past bedtime- for Millie and me! We got cozy in our beds and called it a night.

In the morning we snuggled in bed, watched the iPad, and ate our leftover cookies from the night before. There is nothing I love more than just being present with my little family. I am so happy Millie came with us. We had a wonderful time as a family of three- something that is going to change in less than 5 weeks. I want to soak up as much time as I can with having one kid. I cannot wait for our second, but I know for a while it is going to be a huge adjustment for all of us.

I cannot thank Visit Frisco and AC Hotel Frisco enough for the wonderful stay, food, drinks, goodies, and experience we had. All the hotel employees were so friendly and helpful. The hotel is one we would chose again and again. The three of us enjoyed our time and it is a memory we will have forever. I am so glad plans changed and it wasn’t a night away, but a night together.

If you come to the DFW area check out AC Hotels and Visit Frisco!

25 Days of Christmas

I know, I know…I’m a week late. Things have been insane at our house the past week, so this got way delayed. I still wanted to share fun ideas for the Christmas holiday. These are fun, easy, and can bring so much joy to your family.

When you were a kid you loved getting presents from Santa, but over all the years do you really remember what you got each Christmas- besides those insane gifts- Barbie Doll house for me. I don’t remember what I got most years, but I do remember baking in the kitchen, going to a fancy dinner each Christmas, seeing a holiday play each year with my best friend and our moms, I remember the experiences…not the gifts.

I try my hardest to do this with Millie. I want to give her memories and experiences- not all the material things. As we grow up we see that it’s what we remember and that is what brings a smile to my face. I am sure I got amazing gifts I was so excited about, but year and years and years later I do not remember what the gifts were.

Here is a fun list of things to do this season. I call it the 25 Days of Christmas list. Some are so simple, some take more effort or some money, but overall it is about making memories and having fun with your family at this chaotic time of year. Let me know what you decided to do off the list!!