Keeping Millie Corralled

Who knew one tiny human would need so much stuff?!  After weeks (more like months) of my husband pointing out that Millie’s toys were in every. single. room. of. the. house. I figured it was time to convert our office (more like throw all room) into a playroom for our little munchkin.  It has made the house a lot more tidy and Millie seems to like having a room for all her fun things.  The ONLY problem: she is on the move.  Like you look to your left for .04 seconds and she is in the kitchen pushing the kitchen table chairs around.  Who knew they were so quick?! I knew we needed a baby gate to keep her in!


The wonderful crew at North States Industries Baby Gates graciously sent us the Arched Auto Close Gate with Easy Step.  I love how the grey color and the 18 in door opening incorporates style and function all in one. There are a few reasons we absolutely LOVE about it:

  1. The threshold is low- this makes walking (or crawling) out of the room much easier for all of us
  2. How the gate shuts- with one simple push the gate shuts firmly and securely so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your children
  3. How the door works– The door swings both directions making it convenient for getting in and out.  It also has a stopper so the doors can also only swing in one direction if you want
  4. You can lock it- or keep it open- It has a triple locking system so you can have peace of mind OR you can use the hold-open feature so you can pass through easily if you don’t need the gate closed
  5. How easy it was to set up- The pressure mounts were easy to adjust by using the tension knobs to secure the gate in our door way- I set it up by myself (yay me!)
  6. You can put it other places- There was hardware for mounting on the top of stairs too- measuring 28.5 – 38.25 inches wide with two extensions. If you need the gate for a larger opening you can purchase their extensions measuring 7 1/4 in and 10 3/4 in wide.  (The gate measures 30 inches high)

We are thrilled with the style and ease of the Arched Auto-Close Gate with Easy Step. It is easy to use and I know she is safe and secure behind the gate.

You can purchase their gates directly off their website. Make sure you use millieandmommie20 to receive 20% off any purchase on


Look how much she loves it!

**I received the baby gate from North States Industries for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.**

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26 thoughts on “Keeping Millie Corralled

  1. Amber says:

    What an awesome gate. I wish I had one like this when my kids were tiny. We just had the basic gates that you had to step over, which could get tricky!

  2. icraftopia says:

    Before I became a parent, I would have never thought I would need these in my home. Boy, was I wrong. These were a life saved in the toddler years.

  3. Scott Gombar says:

    Ha, they have not made a gate yet that can keep a Gombar corralled. My kids are now too old but as a new grandfather I might give this a try for when my grandson begins to walk.

  4. Dalene Ekirapa says:

    Wow!I’ve never thought of something like a baby gate although I must recommend it for moms with small kids. When kids are learning to crawl and walk, they can get to all sorts of places so the baby gate would be a good restriction .

  5. vaultpressff95246e6e0ab174ecb6363d24c593c8 says:

    Oh stairgates were essential when my kids were growing up! And I’m so glad I have the luxury of a playroom. I actually just never go in there if I can help it – but it means I never have to tidy up, and I can relax in a calm living room every night without looking at red plastic all evening 😉

  6. iammyinspiration says:

    This baby gate is such a cool idea. It would have been very useful to me when my baby had just started crawling. Hope this helps others too.

  7. Natalia says:

    Baby gates are such a great idea! Parents should definitely install them at their homes for safety. They also look very pretty and really match the interrior. I’ll definitely use them when I have my own kids. 🙂

  8. Wanda Lopez says:

    We also had a designated spare room turned into a playroom with all of the girls toys. It was a great place to keep them contained and safe while I cooked and worked. As they grew the room changed and now it’s a space to have friends over and hang out! Love the convenience of a walk through gate.

  9. Corinne and Kirsty says:

    Baby gates are so convenient and a great idea! Perfect to keep the kids safe while they play or do their thing!

  10. Katherine Celani Walsh Beck says:

    We had a similar one when my kids were little. It was a game changer, as at first we used the wooden ones that had the lever and I cannot tell you how many we broke before getting one like this. This is a great product.

  11. Becca Wilson says:

    This gate was our go to when our kids were smaller. i need to get another one now that we have a puppy that I want to keep in.

  12. Elizabeth O says:

    This looks like an ideal baby gate to have! They are definitely a good idea for keeping little ones out of mischief

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