Cinco de Mayo Cactus Handprint Art

We love doing art projects. Now that Millie isn’t going to Mother’s Day Out since quarantine I’ve been trying to do art most days even if it is watercolors on a coloring book. With Cinco de Mayo in a few days I thought this was a fun project! It is so simple but turns out so cute!

We did mommy and me handprints. You can do just their handprint, just kids, just yours, whatever you want! I thought doing a family one would be fun too!

All you need is paper- card stock is better but not necessary – green paint, a color for the flowers paint, and a Sharpie! That is it!

Start by putting some paint on a paper plate – easy clean up. Press your hand into the paint and place it gently on the paper. If you have a smaller child they will need a lot of help with this!

Next use fingers to make the extra green marks on the cactus. Then pick a flower color and use your fingerprints to make flowers using 3 dots.

You will need to let it dry. Once it is dry use your sharpie and make some cactus needles! Simple as that!



Green Paint

Purple, Pink, Yellow, or blue paint

Black Sharpie

Put paint on paper plate and press your hand into it
Make sure you spread the paint all over
Full disclosure- we had to do this twice because the first time she smacked her hand down over and over on the paper!
Use fingers to add the green knobs and the flowers on the cactus— then let dry
Once it is dry add the needles with black sharpie and you’re done!

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