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I am in the process of converting our ‘office’ into Millie’s playroom!  Most of it is finished, but I am still doing the finial touches.   One of the most important things I wanted in her playroom was a big pictures.  I love pictures and having ones of Millie and our family was top priority for me.

I decided to do large pictures above the couch in her room.  I think eventually we will put a TV over her toy shelf and bins. I like to have larger frames for pictures.  I think it really draws your eye to the pictures.  A lot of times (in my opinion) people don’t go big enough with their frames and pictures! I also wanted some smaller size frames for other parts of her playroom.  I measured over the couch, and on the small wall when you walk in.  Now that I had the sizes and layout I wanted I needed to get the frames!

I used Frame It Easy online!  Their site is incredibly easy to use.  You enter what size picture you want.  Next you can choose your frame.  They had multiple options and multiple color options for the frames as well.  I personally am a white frame fan- so that is what I chose. You can choose matting or no matting (I like matting), and finally you choose clear or no glare finish! It was super simple to chose and order my frames.  They came straight to my door packaged safe and securely.  I was impressed with how they packaged my 5 frames.  Each frame was individually packaged.  Not one scratch!   They even strung the chord for hanging my pictures for me AND sent picture nails and hangers. The backs of the frames have felt padding on the corners so it lays better on your wall.  My husband was very impressed with every aspect of the frames.  Seriously, it could not have been easier.  I was pleasantly surprised at the ease, quality, and readiness of the frames from Frame It Easy.  To hang the frames I use a laser level.  It makes things go SO much quicker.  Seriously go get one.

My sister is a professional family photographer in Dallas, TX.  She took all our photos that I chose for our wall.  I am very lucky to have pictures taken every few months of Millie.  I am obsessed with all of them.  If you are in Dallas and in need of photography you should check my sister out at .

I hung the large frames over our love seat.  I put the smaller frames on the wall and shelf by the door into the playroom.  I am sure Millie will pull the picture off the shelf in .3 seconds, but for the moment it looks so cute on there.  I am happy with the way the frames and pictures turned out.  I am still putting some finishing touches on her playroom, and things should be ready shortly!  Once everything is done I will post an update on here.

If you are looking for frames for you or even someone else go check out Frame It Easy.  They are wonderful.  You can use the code millie to save on your purchase as well!

Tell me- do you love photos in your house? Are you a large frame person or smaller?

****I received the frames for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.****

8 thoughts on “Playroom Pictures

  1. Lisa | amerytina says:

    So cute! We swapped our office into a playroom last year for our toddler, and I am sure pictures would have been an awesome touch. We’re in a new home now and have plenty of blank walls to fill – this is great info!

  2. Emily Michelle Fata says:

    You’ve picked such a beautiful collection of pictures to include in your children’s playroom! So sweet! xx

  3. Jane says:

    I love her playroom! And I’m totally all about the BIGGER frames too! Even if it’s a small print, big frames just make it look so much better!!!

  4. amandahrosson says:

    Love this! I also love having photos around the house – I do a combination of large and small frames but think I do prefer them bigger.

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