Making Bath Time Fun!

 Does your kid love to shower or take a bath? Millie actually loves to do both! She will ask for a ‘shower-bath’ some nights- which is her having the shower on while the bath tub is filling up! She always has a blast. Recently we have been making bath time even more fun by adding glow sticks or balloons!  It is the simple things that make it ALL the rage! 

 One of my favorite new additions to our bath time routine is JOHNSON’S New Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner. These are the best haircare products out there for your littles. We love the Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, but they have a range of new shampoo and conditioners for different kids’ hair types.  I love that it is gentle, but strong enough for Millie’s hair type. She has fine hair and the new Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner help prevent breakage! After the shower (or sometimes during her bath) we use JOHNSON’S Shiny & Soft Kids’ Conditioning Spray with Softening Argan Oil. I LOVE this one. Her hair is fine and can get tangled, and the spray helps the brush glide through her hair and there are no tears! Yay! It leaves her hair shiny and smooth and ready for whatever hairstyle she wants to try the next day. 

 Another GREAT part of the new JOHNSON’S line is that it is available via Walmart OPD or in-store in the Personal Care aisle of the Health & Beauty department. I walked right back and grabbed them while shopping!  

Bath time is always a fun part of our evening routine! Adding simple items like balloons, water paints, and toys makes it more fun! Having the #1 kids trusted brand for shampoo & conditioner makes cleaning and conditioning her hair a no brainer! We all want the best for our littles and I have found that with these products that are designed for various hair types!

Nature Walk and Art Activity

Anyone else taking 100 walks a week?! We are!! Millie always loves to bring her blue bucket and collect all the things! I decided to do an art project with some of the things we collect on our walks. This week our theme is BIRDS so I decided to add that to our craft too!

We take walks around the neighborhood and two or three days a week we go someplace fun like the lake or another area. On our walks we always collect leaves, flowers, rocks, sticks, and more! Millie always wants to bring them inside, but I never let her…worst mom ever…I know. This time I let her. Yay!

The art project is super easy. What you will need: card stock, brown construction paper, glue stick/glue, and the items we found on our walk! Since our theme was birds I printed off bird pictures off the internet to cut out and put in our trees.

If you have littles they will need a bit more help, but older kids can do most of this by themselves. I cut out the tree and had Millie use the glue stick to glue it on the paper. After we used regular glue to glue the leaves on the tree, as well as the bird. We added grass to the bottom with crayon. Super simple and cute. Two activities in one. If you can’t go on a nature walk you can always find things in your yard too! You could add other animals too- like squirrels!

I free hand cut the tree
Working on those fine motor skills
Picking out the best ones
Looking good!
Millie told me she wanted a purple bird so that is what she got!
Finished product