Summer Cocktail

Summer is here! Having a simple tasty cocktail is important! Here is one I love. You can make it with Whisky/bourbon or Vodka! Which ever you prefer.

Peach Mule


Whisky 1.5 oz

Peach juice 2 oz

Ginger Beer – to top off

Copper Mug

Fill your copper with ice. Add the spirit of your choice – I prefer a whiskey or bourbon. Add 2 oz peach juice. Next top off with ginger beer and give a mix. Finally garnish with a peach!

Super simple and super delicious.

I call it a Peach Mule. Or a Kentucky Peach Mule. If you use vodka you can call it a Moscow Peach mule! Or you can name it whatever you would like!

What spirit do you prefer? Tell me in the comments below! Don’t forget to pin this to Pinterest!