Donut Grow Up

Y’all!!  My BABY is now almost 13 months old!  How can this be?!  I swear it was last week when she was 13 days old snuggling on my chest (and screaming non stop from 7pm – 10pm).  Now she is a few days shy of 13 months old and walking around the house (still snuggling on me too- but only between the laps she WALKS around the house). Why is time such a thief? Why do babies not keep?  All of the emotions get me.  I am so happy  watching her grow up, but I do wish she would stay little for a little while longer.

I have been looking at her FIRST birthday party pictures over and over and over (and maybe over and over).  I cannot believe it was a month ago my baby turned ONE.  How do we have a ONE year old? I still cannot believe it.

We decided to do a birthday party at home with our family.  I wanted the focus to be on Millie and the celebration to be with the people closest to her.  Let’s face it- the party is for the parents anyway- and we wanted to keep it for family.  I debated on throwing a huge bash- a HOORAY we kept the tiny human alive AND also survived ourselves party- but decided against it.

I purchased all the decorations on Amazon and at the Dollar Tree.  Since it was a morning party and a DONUT Grow Up theme it made for easy food options! We had donuts, fruit, and my hash brown casserole (recipe in upcoming blog post).

I bought “If You Give A Dog A Donut” book and had everyone sign the inside of it.  I thought this was a great way to have everyone’s sweet wishes for her all in one place.  One day (went she won’t chew it and try to rip out the pages) I will give it to her! I hope she thinks it is a special as I do!

What did you do for your child’s first birthday parties? I love to hear all the fun parties and fun themes people chose! It is such a special day.

Millie’s First Easter

This past weekend we celebrated Millie’s first Easter.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  I love how it is about being with family and celebrating, but there is no stress (unlike Christmas).  Having a baby makes ALL the things so much more fun.  It is fun to celebrate all the FIRSTS- even though she has no clue what is really going on.

The day started and the Easter Bunny brought Millie an incredible Easter basket! Daddy was pretty surprised with ALL the fun items the Easter Bunny brought her.  For brunch we go to my brother-in-laws family’s and have a huge brunch with EVERYONE!  There is usually between 45-55 people and it is awesome.  My nephew carried Millie around the whole time.  LOVE IT! After brunch we came home to snuggle and nap.  It was a great first Easter- one that I’ll never forget! Hope everyone had a great time too!