Millie Monet

Millie is going to be the next great artist! Well maybe not, but we had fun doing this activity!  It is a great sensory activity to do with babies.  They can see the colors, feel the paint moving, and bang their little hands all over. It is SUPER easy- mess free- and you get a cute piece of art.


  • Paint (a few different colors)
  • Paper
  • Ziplock
  • Tape (optional)


Squeeze blobs of paint on the paper inside of the ziplock bag and seal.  I choose to use cute Duck Tape to hold it down on her high chair so she doesn’t grab and throw it.


Then let them have at it!  Millie loved to push her little fingers on the paints- then she took to banging away.  She moved and squished the colors around until she had made a beautiful piece of art.


We had a fun time doing this sensory activity.  It was cheap, easy, and best of all MESS free! Have you tried this or something similar with your baby? Tell me down below in the comments!

Trader Joe’s Guilty Pleasures

groupOh Trader Joe’s how I love you!  I actually don’t mind going grocery shopping when I have to go to Trader Joe’s. When you walk in there are beautiful flowers calling out to you!  Then you head into the produce sections where there is always fresh fruits and veggies wanting to jump into your cart.  Then you walk past the sample lady (or gentleman).  I tell you most of the time I actually get one of the items they are sampling- because they are always so delicious. Speaking of delicious- I am going to tell you some of my favorite guilty pleasures I have to pick up when I head into Trader Joe’s.

  1. Fresh Flowers- You walk into the store and they are RIGHT there.  They always have beautiful flowers for an excellent price.  They have what is in season so you know you’re purchasing quality flowers. Because they have what is in season I get to buy different types of flowers each time I go.  I bought these pretty ones for $3.99!!!  WHAT?! I know!  I cannot not buy flowers when I go.
  2. Asiago Cheese with Rosemary & Olive Oil-  This cheese was a cheese I had as a sample one day and then immediately purchased.  It is so good! It is a hard cheese that has been soaked with olive oil and rosemary.  It is perfect for an appetizer before dinner or, if you’re like me, it’s perfect for dinner.Cheese
  3. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims-  To be honest I am not a big dark chocolate fan but these Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Slims are awesome.  It is the sweet and salty that I love about them.  The bag says it is ‘about 6 servings’- LOL
  4. Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches- Y’all- I am a SUCKER for chocolate chip cookies and I also enjoy ice cream so when I found these treats I was super excited to try them.  They. Are. Sublime. (Pun intended) I ate one of these a day for the last 3-4 weeks of my pregnancy- this is probably why Millie is so sweet.IceCream
  5. Simpler Wines Sparkling Rose- I love these.  It is sparkling rose in a can.  You don’t have to worry about wasting a bottle of sparkling rose for a glass or two.  These are the perfect solution!  The even better thing about them is the price.  $3.99.  Yes, $3.99 for 4 cans.  It is a hard deal to pass up.  It is nice to be able to have one glass of sparkling rose on the couch while I catch up on DVR and this is the rose I choose to do that.Rose


These are just a few of my guilty pleasures I have found over the years at Trader Joe’s.  Have you had any of my guilty pleasures?  Thoughts on them? What are YOUR guilty pleasures from Trader Joe’s? Tell me in the comments below I would LOVE to hear!


**This post is in no way affiliated or sponsored by Trader Joe’s.  These thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.  I was not compensated for this post**

Millie’s First Easter

This past weekend we celebrated Millie’s first Easter.  Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  I love how it is about being with family and celebrating, but there is no stress (unlike Christmas).  Having a baby makes ALL the things so much more fun.  It is fun to celebrate all the FIRSTS- even though she has no clue what is really going on.

The day started and the Easter Bunny brought Millie an incredible Easter basket! Daddy was pretty surprised with ALL the fun items the Easter Bunny brought her.  For brunch we go to my brother-in-laws family’s and have a huge brunch with EVERYONE!  There is usually between 45-55 people and it is awesome.  My nephew carried Millie around the whole time.  LOVE IT! After brunch we came home to snuggle and nap.  It was a great first Easter- one that I’ll never forget! Hope everyone had a great time too!


Yesterday was Trevor’s 35th birthday!  We were so excited to celebrate him!  He is such a great dad and husband.  He really doesn’t complain about all the clothes and toys I seem to not be able to stop buying Millie! AND he let me get a pink couch…I mean he should get an awesome husband award for that right there.  Watching him with Millie honestly makes my heart BURST.  It is the sweetest thing ever.  We had a fun making him a Happy Birthday sign using her little foot prints as the ‘H’.  When he came home and saw it he said- “we must frame this and keep it forever”.  We love him!